HWN 15000I

Category: 13000 lb+, HWN Series, Hydraulic Winch, Tow Truck Winch


  • HWN10000I-15000I is fitted with hydraulic brake and balance valve as standard.
  • Full spooling clutch: Manual/Air clutch/manual&air mixed clutch as optional.
  • Automatic braking action
  • Runva patent two stage planetary gear reducer
  • Specially designed shape for convenience of installation and good looking
  • For engineering use available

* Not uesd for lifting



    HWN 12000I
    HWD 10000


    Rated line pull 15000 lbs (6804 kgs)
    Motor:permanent magnet 80ml/r
    Oil flow 5~60L/min
    Pressure 13Mpa
    Brake Wet-type hydraulic brake
    Geartrain 2-stage planetary steel gear
    Gear reduction ratio 33.4:1
    Clutch Air,manual,air&manual optional
    Waterproof IP54
    Cable(Dia×L) Ø15/32"×87’(Ø12mm×26.5m)
    Drum size(Dia×L) Ø3.5"×8.5"(Ø89mm×217mm)
    Mounting bolt pattern 10"×4.5"(254mm×114.3mm)4-M12
    Net weight 132lbs/60kgs


    PERFORMANCE SPECS (first layer)
    Line Pull Pressure Flow Line Speed
    Lbs.(kgs) Mpa(Psi) G/min.
    0 2.0(290.1) 1.3(5.0) 1.6(0.5)
    5000(2268) 4.3(623.7) 2.6(10) 3.3(1.0)
    10000 (4536) 8.7(1261.8) 5.3(20.0) 6.6(2.0)
    12000 (5443) 10.0(1450.3) 7.9(30.0) 9.8(3.0)
    15000 (6804) 13.0(1885.4) 15.9(60.0) 19.7(6.0)

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