EWB 9500

Category: 5500-12500 lbs, Electric Winch, EWB Series, Off-Road Winch


  • All-new patented waterproof design meets IP67 standards
  • Innovative brake inside the gearbox, offers exellent safe, reliable perfprmance
  • Stainless steel rotary clutch for smooth and convenient operation
  • Stainless steel out-installed screws
  • Exclusive brake design inside gearbox prevents rope damage with the drum over-hot after long-time operation
  • Copper connection sealed control pack with elegant appearnce
  • High-efficient transmission delivers 9m/min pull-in speed and power saving
  • Over-current protechtion available for safe winching
  • Compression-resisted rubber hand remote control



    EWB 9500-Q
    EWB 12500


    Rated line pull 9500 lbs (4309 kgs)
    Motor:permanent magnet 12V:Input:4.6kW/6.1hp;Output:2.1kW/2.8hp
    Brake kachet paw
    Geartrain 3-stage planetary steel gear
    Gear reduction ratio 228:1
    Clutch Rotary
    Waterproof: IP67
    Cable(Dia×L) Ø3/8"×85’(Ø9.2mm×26m)
    Drum size(Dia×L) Ø2.48"×8.5"(Ø63mm×217mm)
    Mounting bolt pattern 10"×4.5"(254×114.3mm)4-M10
    Net weight 87.1lbs/39.5kgs


    12V DC PERFORMANCE SPECS (first layer)
    Line Pull Line Speed Motor Pull by layer
    Lbs.(kgs) Ft/min.
    Current layer/Lbs.(kgs)
    0 32.2(9.8) 75amps 1/9500(4309)
    3000 (1361) 14.8(4.5) 170amps 2/7706(3495)
    6000 (2722) 10.5(3.2) 260amps 3/6482(2940)
    9500 (4309) 6.6(2.0) 380amps 4/5593(2537)

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