EWD 10000

Category: 5500-12500 lbs, Electric Winch, EWD Series, Off-Road Winch


  • Free spooling clutch
  • Runva patent three stage planetary gear reducer
  • Two speed and clutch and speed shift structure
  • Runva patent three stage planetary gear reducer
  • Clutch and two speed gear actions auto engagement
  • Automatic screw cone braking action
  • Series wound motor
  • Wireless remote control available
  • Remote control through control box and switch
  • DC 12v or DC 24v Power drive optional



    EWN 20000
    EWD 12000


    Rated line pull 10000 lbs (4536 kgs)
    Motor:permanent magnet 12V:Input:4.3kW/5.7hp;Output:2.1kW/2.8hp
    Brake Automatic screw cone
    Geartrain 3-stage planetary steel gear
    Gear reduction ratio 223:1(Low speed);71.6:1(High speed)
    Clutch Two-speed shift
    Cable(Dia×L) Ø3/8″×85’(Ø9.2mm×26m)
    Drum size(Dia×L) Ø2.48″×8.8″(Ø63mm×223mm)
    Mounting bolt pattern 10″×4.5″(254mm×114.3mm)4-M10
    Net weight 86.0lbs/39kgs


    12V DC PERFORMANCE SPECS (first layer)
    Line Pull Line Speed Motor Pull by layer
    Lbs.(kgs) Ft/min.
    Current layer/Lbs.(kgs)
    0 28.9(8.8) 70amps 1/10000(4536)
    4000 (1814) 9.8(3.0) 190amps 2/7969(3615)
    6000 (2722) 8.6(2.7) 230amps 3/6624(3005)
    8000 (3629) 7.9(2.0) 280amps 4/5667(2571)
    10000 (4536) 4.9(1.5) 360amps

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